As Jeremy Lin was speaking to the reporters, Chandler Parsons walked past him, and gave a gay/bromance stare into Jeremy Lin's eyes. Jeremy Lin laughed it off later on, and responded with "What is wrong with him?".

Chandler Parsons(left) threw a gay look on Jeremy Lin(right)
Michael Jordan randomly handpicked a person in his annual Jordan basketball academy for a 1-on-1 game. A Kobe Bryant fan was called upon to play with Michael Jordan. 

Michael Jordan was a little rusty, but his experienced skills took down this Kobe Bryant fan.

51 years old Michael Jordan(left) vs. Fan in Kobe Bryant jersey(right)
This footage was taken as LeBron James' St.Vincent St.Mary took on Carmelo Anthony's #1 rank Oak Hill Academy on February 10, 2002. LeBron James had 36 points, 8 rebounds, 6 steals and 5 assists whereas Carmelo Anthony had 34 points, rebounds, 2 assists. 
Carmelo Anthony's Oak Hill Academy won the game 72-66.

Both LeBron and Carmelo were both 17 years old, as both of them were born in the year 1984.

Lebron James(left) vs. Carmelo Anthony(right) in high school 2002
The Big 3 of Miami Heat were singing together at an event in Miami, entertaining the loyal fans. James, Wade and Bosh looked like a boyband on the stage though their singing skills were pretty bad, to be honest.

Will LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh stay together again in Miami Heat next year for the 2014-2015 NBA season after losing to the San Antonio Spurs in 2014?

LeBron James, Chris Bosh & Dwayne Wade sings together 2014
Chris Paul gets into a 1-on-1 game with China streetball a.k.a. MoreFree. Chris Paul showed no mercy, and scored in his face.

China StreetBaller(left) vs. Chris Paul(right)
During the 2012-2013 NBA pre-season in China, Ray Allen taught LeBron James a 3-point technique which could help him release a 3-pointer quickly enough before being blocked by the defender.

Ray Allen showed LeBron James a spin/step back 3-point shot, which LeBron does not seem to understand.

LeBron James(left) taught by Ray Allen(right)
Scary pranks are made to prank selected people to get the reactions out of them. Watch these people getting scared, and their loud scream are hilariously loud and mind-blowing.

Man shouts to scary pranks
A student at a university came late, and walked into the class. The lecturer questioned him about that, and he got dunked on later with the epic reactions given by the crowd.

A student gets dunked on after walking into the class
Let's take a look back at those amazing moments in sports in the year 2012. 

1) Soccer/Football | 2) Basketball | 3)Golf | 4) Baseball | 5)Ice Hockey | 6)Mixed Martial Arts(UFC) | 7) American Football | 8) Weightlifting | 9) Snowboarding | 10) NASCAR racing | 11) Boxing | 12)Cycling | 13) Rugby | 14) Tennis| 15) Running | 16) Swimming | 17) Formula 1
Best Sports Moments 2012
The Los Angeles Clippers proved to be one of the best teams in the league right now, with 16-game win streak since November 2012

It used to be the Los Angeles Lakers which is the talk of the city, but it has now turned into Clippers Nation all in a sudden.

The Los Angeles Clippers' 16 game-win streak
TIME's reporter Sean Gregory gets some basketball lessons and tips from the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant himself back in 2009. 
Sean Gregory(left) guarding Kobe Bryant(right)
Is this intentional or unintentional play by Dwayne Wade on Ramon Sessions, or was Wade being unbalance at that moment ?

Sessions confronted Wade after his private section was kicked by Wade himself. Who is the one to be blamed, you be the judge.
Ramon Sessions (blue jersey) kicked by Dwayne Wade( whitejersey)
In this segment, we featured a clip  from WatchMojo, as they  count down the Top 10 Hilarious James Bond gadgets ever from 1962 till present. 

Watch these wacky, fancy and weird-looking gadgets used by James Bond himself for almost 40 years.
James Bond list of gadgets
Zach Hodskins is a 6'2 junior guard of Milton High School in Georgia, and he was born with only one right arm while his left arm is half-grown only.

Despite that, it doesn't stop Zach from playing basketball for his school. Check out some of the footages of him competing with the nations top players.
Zach Hodskins shoots the ball
An NBA referee tries to block Kris Humphries's free throw attempt during the 4th quarter match between the Brooklyn Nets and the Toronto Raptors.

The referee,Kirkland was trying to prevent Kris from shooting the free throw as he let a Raptors player check into the game. Watch the hilarious block on Kris by Kirkland the ref.

NBA referee tries to block Kris Humphries' free throw attempt
Jeremy Lin has got to know James Harden almost for a month now, but how well do they know each other?

Here is an interview conducted by ESPN The Mag called "Who Knows Their Teammate Better". Catch some of jokes on Jeremy Lin and James Harden pulled out by the interviewer.
Jeremy Lin(left) poses with James Harden(right)
If you are wondering about the number of dunks completed by Blake Griffin, the above video compiles every single dunks by Blake Griffin from 2010 till 2012.

Be prepared to have a Dunk-tastic experience
Blake Griffin(white jersey) dunks with two hands
Nike has introduced the 8th shoes for Kobe Bryant, and it is called KOBE 8 System. It is one of Kobe Bryant's lowest and lightest performance basketball shoe to date.

It is set to be released on December 20, 2012. For more information about KOBE 8 SYSTEM, please visit Nike, Inc KOBE 8 SYSTEM.
The newest KOBE 8 SYSTEM by Nike
Public restrooms look pretty the same to everyone, but it is the different case when you step into one in Japan

Watch how this public toilet in Nagasaki, Japan transforms into a personal toilet of yours equipped with  amazing technologies that most of us have not ever seen before.
A demonstration of toilet technology used in Japan
Here are some tips given by HackCollege.com to save and recover your phone if you happen to drop in the toilet.

19% people dropped their phones down in the toilet bowl, and it is becoming a normal case these days. Do not feel worry and bad, and these fast actions will eventually save your phone.
A phone is dropped into the toilet bowl
Check out these two poster dunks which include two upcoming players on the West Coast. 

Golden State Warriors guard Harrison Barnes shows off his hops on this play that murders Timberwolves Nikola Pekovic, whereas Demarcus Cousins shows his power down low against Derrick Favours.
Harrison Barnes (white) posterizes Nikola Pekovic (blue)
Jack Taylor, a 5'10 sophomore guard from Grinnell college has broken the NCAA scoring record, by scoring 138 points against Faith Baptist. The video above shows 47 of his points.

According to the box scores, none of Taylor's teammates took more than 6 shots whereas Jack Taylor himself took 108 shots in that game. 

Jack made 52 out of 108 shots, shooting 27 three-pointers out of 71, and 7 free throws out of 10.
Jack Taylor going in for a layup
Optical camouflage technology is beginning to enter the car industry, and it is now implemented into the backseat of a car, so that the driver has a clearer viewpoint on the backseat of the car.

This system ensures your car's position, and it helps to determine the exact obstacles at the back. Thus, accidents will be minimized, making driving experience more safer than ever before.

At the moment, only the backseat of a car is made transparent but there is a plan to make the entire car to look transparent with its 360 degree transparent view.
Transparent view of the backseat of a car overlooking a woman standing behind 
After going 1-4 since the NBA 2012-2013 season started, the Los Angeles Lakers fired head coach Mike Brown. Lakers went winless 0-8 in the preseason, and it was disappointing for the team after Dwight Howard and Steve Nash were brought into the team just to win games but it didn't go according to plan.

With the likes like Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace, the team seems like a championship contender in everyone's mind but it failed to deliver the expected results to its fans.

According to ESPN, the Lakers organization has not seen any progress and the direction it is going. The Los Angeles Lakers current roster were built to win now, and it is constructed not to win next year, but it is constructed to win this year.

Now with Mike Brown gone, who will be the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers ?
Mike Brown, the former coach of the Los Angeles Lakers
The Houston Rockets had already planned and knew what they were doing when they brought Jeremy Lin into their roster. Then, they brought James Harden to the Rockets so that he could pair with Jeremy Lin, and they seem to have the Rockets on the right track now.

Houston is 2-1 so far now, and it seems to be good enough for a playoff run but not a championship run  or contender yet. What Houston Rockets need now is the lack of a solid center, though Omer Asik has contributed a lot, but Asik is still questionable on the offense role.

Andrew Bynum, who has joined the Philadelphia Sixers after the Howard's trade can decide whether to stay in Philadelphia or not. Bynum is now under-contract for the rest of the season with a choice to re-sign for 3 years, or seek higher pay from other teams.

Andrew Bynum is also 7'0 foot tall big man who averages 18 points per game, and has won 2 championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. He would be the last piece to the Rockets' puzzle if he doesn't want to stay in Philadelphia.

Above video shows some of the Houston Rockets highlights against the Portland Trailblazers on November 3rd 2012 which they lost 85-95.
Andrew Bynum #33 of the Philadelphia Sixers 
University of Tokyo has developed a technology called AR system that has the capability to change a person's appetite by changing the size of each food.

The AR system uses image-processing technology to make food increase and decrease its size at anytime in real-time. The research has found out that when food looks bigger, you feel full right away but when the food looks small, you don't even feel full if you eat a lot.

With the AR system, it hopes to solve the problem on obesity, and encourages the healthy habits without the need to think.

For example, high-calorie food could be automatically magnified whereas high-nutrients food could be made to look smaller by the computer.
A person tries out the AR system which manipulates the size of the food
It's Jeremy Lin's  and James Harden's 1st game ever as a Houston Rockets, and both of them started off the  season with some solid numbers against the Detroit Pistons. Despite being traded to the Rockets just few days ago, Harden made his Houston debut with 37 points and 12 assists.

Supported by his new partner, Jeremy Lin who racked up 12 points, 8 assists, and 4 steals. The Houston Rockets took home the win against the Detroit Pistons 105-96

Houston Rockets coach, Kevin Mchale has some words on James Harden after the game.
"The ball is going to find him a lot because he is a good player. If you play the right way, the ball finds the right guys at the right time ".
Jeremy Lin (left) laughs along with James Harden (middle), and Chandler Parson (right)
Google has just announced the entire family of Nexus products, which is called The Best Of Google now in 3 sizes.The Best of Google, now in 3 sizes. Introducing Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.

From the advertisement/commercial by Google, it shows that all of those 3 products are implemented with AI voice-recognition that is similar to Apple's SIRI, that is capable to capture your voice into commands .

For more information, go to play.google.com/nexus
Nexus 4 (top), Nexus 7 (middle), and Nexus 10 (bottom)